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Mental and performance training for hockey players


About Steve Strunk Hockey

Our mission is to teach and coach hockey players not only the technical skills and work ethic needed to compete, but how to develop their Hockey IQ and become self-aware, physically trained and mentally ready.

Hockey is one of the most difficult sports to master.  It takes years of learning, practicing, and competing. It takes physical and mental stamina to become a great hockey player.

Work:  "To perform physical or mental labor; to exert oneself for a definite purpose."

It’s the athlete’s passion for Hockey that drives them to work, to sustain discipline, and move forward despite the challenges they may face.  The top hockey players in the world get there because they’re committed to working harder physically and mentally than anyone else.

We coach all levels of hockey players to understand this principle and give them the tools to ignite that passion when exhaustion sets in.

Train:  "To develop and improve (a mental or physical faculty) through instruction or practice."

Training is a necessary component on the path to becoming a great hockey player. We teach the body mechanics of skating, how to accelerate efficiently; transition quickly; receive a pass; and of course, shoot the puck and score goals. We ask hockey players to train mentally as well. Helping them learn to slow the game down, while reacting to changes quickly.

Compete: " To compete for something; engage in a contest; measure oneself against others."

Competing is an art. When athletes work and train effectively, they ready themselves for competition.  We ask athletes to work and train at the highest level and push them to go past what they believe is possible.  We’re teaching them to compete. Transitions must be quick, minds must be focused and settled, and decisions made on the fly. 

Owner/Founder Steve Strunk personally directs every camp and clinic to ensure the highest quality instruction, and that our mission remains authentic.


"A seasoned professional with practical skills development for young and adult hockey players aspiring to play at a higher level. Steve will challenge and test you and provide an honest assessment if you are ready for the next level!"

Joel Lovelace

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